1 Gallon Pack - Urine & Odor Destroyer (Makes 128 oz.)

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The Ion Fusion Specialty Gallon Kit makes 1 gallon of your favorite Pet Urine & Odor Destroyer.

Unlike traditional gallon jugs that are big and bulky, you can save money, space, and the hassle with the 1 Gallon Kit. Each gallon kit comes with one (1) Starter Bottle and three (3) refill pods that each make 32 oz. of your favorite cleaner.

When you run out of cleaner, simply add water, click the refill pod, and you're next powerful Ion Fusion Formula is ready.

Gallon Refill Kit Contains:

1.  One Starter Bottle (32 oz. of cleaner pre-made and Ready to Use + Refill Pod inside)

2.  TWO Additional Refill Pods (Each pod makes 32 oz. of cleaner)