How Our Formula was Developed

Our dog, Grace, suffers from inflammatory bowel disease. Turns out, her disease was developed over time from doing constant dog things - licking floors, chewing on carpets, and of course, leaving behind “presents” for her mommy. What we did not know was that her daily dog routine indirectly caused her to ingest harmful chemicals from common household cleaning products. We knew there had to be a better way…

One day, we gave Grace a bath in the shower and realized that the water pressure alone was quickly making her smell better. We knew we were on to something. Working with a team of chemists and engineers, we developed our Advanced ION Formula with all natural ingredients that not only works faster, but penetrates deeper than other pet cleaners out there.

A simple dog bath turned into a full-blown business. Now the whole family is happy and safe. Mommy gets a clean house and Grace gets a clean tummy.