Ion Fusion Product Features

Patented Quick Release Refill System

Our proprietary technology allows you to refill your bottle in an instant and without the hassle of pouring one bottle into another.

Refill in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Fill your eco-bottle to the water line with water. Note - best results when using filtered water, but tap water is ok.
  2. Insert your Refill Pod into your bottle. Click the center plug to release the cleaner concentrate. Leave Refill Pod inside the bottle OR replace with a new Refill Pod for future use.
  3. Insert your Spray Tube through the Refill Pod and place the bottom of the spray tube into the "Spray Every Drop" notch at the bottom. Tighten the Spray Tube cap and start cleaning right away!
For additional videos and instructions, click here.


Advanced ION Formula

Our Advanced ION Formula is the world's first 26 to 1 concentrate made from naturally-derived sources that is safe for families and pets. It combats messes and odors with charged ions that allow it to work faster and penetrate deeper than traditional enzymatic and peroxide-based cleaners.

Enzymatic formulas degrade on the shelf, meaning you have a limited time to use them, and peroxide-based formulas can bleach surfaces they come in contact with. But the Advanced ION Formula does not degrade and does not bleach.

Our ingredients are all naturally-derived, making ION formulas safe to use as directed around the entire family. Our proprietary formula works on any water-safe surface while remaining 100% non-toxic with zero toxic fumes and zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


Spray Every Last Drop!

Our specially designed eco-bottle allows you to twist the bottle and spray at any angle.

With ergonomic handles, feel comfortable spraying your cleaner in any position.
Control the amount of liquid spray with our easy to use twist nozzle. Spray a stream of cleaner or spray a mist, all depending on your needs.

Don't waste any of your favorite cleaner and capture every last drop!